review of Batman & Robin


“I finally understand this movie. … [It’s] the kind of thing that Ed Wood would have directed if someone had handed him umpty-million dollars and not applied any direct adult supervision.”
~ W. H. Jamison, Jr.
[source: W. H. Jamison, Jr.s review of Batman & Robin via George Clooney – Interview with George Clooney – Esquire]


use your own dirt


There was once a conjurer who boasted that he had become god-like. One god happened to overhear, and challenged him to a contest.

“Can you do this?” the god asked, scooping up a handful of dirt and making it into a bird. They watched the bird fly away.

“Sure,” said the conjure-man, and reached down for a handful of raw material.

“Hey,” said god. “Use your own dirt.”

[found: Making Light: “Fanfic”: force of nature]