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very tempting


“Unless every other way we have to communicate has broken, I am not joining another Social Network.”

~ a friend of Alec Saunders

[source: Trust me… on Spock, via WeSeePeople: … “sociospam”]

existential premise


“I remember years ago reading a synopsis of the film Frozen Ghost, which was something like, ‘a hypnotist investigates a murder in a wax museum.’ You read that and think, ‘What good is a hypnotist in a wax museum?’ It seems an almost existential premise — no matter how good a hypnotist you are, youre not getting anywhere with a wax dummy, you know? Suddenly, it seems ripe with themes of powerlessness and tragedy — like a classic film noir dead end.”
~ Richard Sala

[source: The Groovy Age of Horror: THE WORLD OF RICHARD SALA, Pt. 3]